Cookie Run Kingdom Mint Choco Cookie Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom Mint Choco Cookie Guide. Though often called a genius, he refuses to let all this attention go to his head and never forgets his long years as a humble street performer. He is a support cookie who is automatically sent to the rear of the team unless there are already two cookies occupying it.

Cookie Run Kingdom A Complete Ranked Character Tier List from

Swift chocolate (x5) princess cookie. He is of the support type and his position is prioritized to the rear. That’s it for our cookie run:

Kingdom Are Usurped By Any In Their Role At A Higher Rarity.

Mint choco cookie, alongside rockstar cookie, is one of the only cookies to have his own background music while running. Toppings are the gears that cookies use in the cookie run kingdom. 5x swift chocolate topping (cd reduction) 5x searing raspberry (atk) 5x solid almond topping (dmg resist) his skill effect is good, meaning that you need swift chocolate so you can reduce his cd.

But Dark Choco Is Also Got Really High Damage For A Charge Cookie.

1.2.1 solid almond (dmg resist) 1.2.2 searing raspberry (atk) 1.3 mediocre tier topping in cookie run kingdom. If you’re looking for more, why not check out our. Her skill is called ‘cocoa is life’.

Unlike The World Flipper Tier List, Which Has Three And Four Star Characters Constantly Top Its Tier List, The More Common Characters Of Cookie Run:

9.9% (atk) every 1.0 sec for 9.0 sec (+0.13% per. This means that she is supposed to act as a tank, protecting squishier party members in the back row from getting too much damage. This tier list assumes you’ve been playing cookie run:

1.1.1 Swift Chocolate (Cd Reduction) 1.2 High Tier Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cotton cookie was added in november 2021 and quickly became a favorite for players to build their best possible cookie run kingdom team. Mint choco cookie is only able to run 4 times per day, and takes 15 hours to recover, unlike most cookies that usually have 10 runs per day and take 2 hours to recover their energy. You might notice the cookie run:

That's Because Of The Rarity System.

Scroll down till you find the mint choco cookie listing. His cookie decor is the mint choco cookie's concert hall located in the garden of delights set. In the arena, it’s advisable to have one cookie start their cooldown at 3 seconds so the team’s skills can flow more smoothly.

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