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Creating Art at Juniper Village at Forest Hills
Juniper Village at Forest Hills has a new “artist in residence”. Resident Alice M., recently moved into Juniper Village at Forest Hills and was pleased to donate one of her paintings entitled “A Fruit Bowl”, which is now proudly displayed in the dining room of the community.
Alice says she started painting when she was a teenager and took art classes here and there, but that it was always more of a lifelong pastime. She always loved art, but as a young girl growing up in the 1950’s; art was not a profession, it was a hobby.
When Alice’s own children were in school, she continued to paint in her spare time while at home. She tried different styles of painting but mainly worked in oil paintings and airbrushing. Alice said she tried doing portraits, but found that she did not paint people as well, so she concentrated on painting objects such as fruit and landscapes. Over the years, Alice mastered her talents and even sold a few pieces but continues to paint mainly for fun. She explained, “My home, my children’s’ homes, and even my grandchildren all have some of my artwork, but I mainly paint for fun. I get a lot of joy sharing my work with friends and family.”
Juniper Village at Forest Hills is located at 107 Fall Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. For more information call (412) 244-9901 or visit

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