Earn Marathon Medal Cod Mobile

Earn Marathon Medal Cod Mobile. How to earn marathon medal in cod mobile how to earn marathon medal in cod mobile. Players will have to get 20 consecutive kills without dying in order to get the earn the relentless medal in cod mobile.

How to get a Marathon medal in COD Mobile from www.sportskeeda.com

The killstreak medal is different from the regular killstreak bonus like the uav or hunter killer drone. How to earn marathon br medal in cod mobile Run a marathon to earn this medal.

Players Can Drop On To The Map And Basically Run Around Without Being Downed By Enemies To Complete The Challenge And Earn The Marathon Medal Quicker.

How to earn the marathon medal in cod mobile season 6. There are several different medals in cod mobile in different modes. Earning marathon medal in cod mobile.

The Bloodthirsty Medal Is A Killstreak Medal.

The marathon medal is one such medal that is available on cod mobile. How to earn medal of gun master in cod mobile; Multiplayer players get different types of medals than can be achieved.

On Cod Mobile, The Marathon Medal Is One Of The Easiest To Obtain.

Obviously, this is a huge task and will likely take players a few attempts. The significance of these medals increases when they are a part of some seasonal or featured. The relentless medal is one of the toughest achievements in cod mobile, but our tips & tricks will make it easier to accomplish.

There Are A Number Of Different Tasks To Gain The Medals In The Game.

While 2000 meters isn’t exactly obvious, its better. Mobile is currently one of the hot topics due to how hard it is to acquire this achievement. It has no added benefit to the gameplay.

How To Earn The Relentless Medal In Call Of Duty:

Mobile has a variety of ways of recording achievements, whether it be scorestreaks or various medals players can earn along the way. There is a killstreak challenge in cod mobile that will grant you the relentless medal, but this can be tough to complete, so we’ve prepared a few handy tips and tricks to make it a bit easier. Apart from this, here is also a video from.

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