Genshin Impact Banner History

Genshin Impact Banner History. The wish banner system in genshin impact. The history of genshin impact is complex and most of it can be known through the history accessible to travelers in the game.

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As genshin impact version 2.6 is well underway, we know for sure which banner is coming next. A double wish event runs during the. The 20 pulls won't be recorded in the banners' history.

By Using Either Intertwined Or Acquaint Fates, Players Can Wish On Different Kinds Of Genshin Impact Banner For New Characters:

A brief overview of all gacha banners in genshin impact, currently and from the past. They both launch on may 31 alongside version 2.7, though we don. 04/26 oh man genshin has been a trip and a half and this doesnt even include the newer banners 馃槶.

How To Check Genshin Impact Banner History;

Trusted by over 482,799 genshin impact players. All players will need to do is open the wish page and click the history button at. The event banner's benefits and advantages:

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The 20 pulls won't be recorded in the banners' history. They both launch on may 31 alongside version. Requires an authkey that is fetched automatically from a logfile.

I Was About 50 Wishes From Pity But Now I'm Afraid To Wish Since The My Wish History.

Backup your genshin impact wish history, keep track of your pity and get a shareable view of your pulls statistics! History section for a character event wish banner in genshin impact (image via sportskeeda) it is worth noting that new wishes are only added to the history once the user restarts the game. Banner release date, end date, and version:

The Wish Banner System In Genshin Impact.

View your personal wish stats. Find out which characters and weapons are currently rotating with a higher droprate or check out the history to see if your beloved character will get into the rotation again soon! We will update the list whenever genshin impact gets a new banner.

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