Genshin Impact Inazuma Shrine Of Depths Location

Genshin Impact Inazuma Shrine Of Depths Location. You should see the shrine of depths a little further uphill. The electroculus are just some of these new collectibles and can be found all over the new region.

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To get to it just teleport to the waypoint above the cliff that is west of maguu kenki’s lair. Image via genshin impact interactive map. Shrine 4 can be found west of the mikage furnace in kannazuka.

Two Inazuma Shrines Of Depth Are Found On Kannazuka Island And, Two On The Yashiori Island.

You will find a luxurious chest inside each. You will find the second shrine of depth near the waypoint. The shrine of depths is behind the trees.

Use The Teleport Waypoint At The West To Climb The Mountains.

Each island contains two shrine of the depths. Travel to the teleport waypoint on the beach, then climb the rocks towards the south. To get to it just teleport to the waypoint above the cliff that is west of maguu kenki’s lair.

Act Iii Of The Archon Quest) Inazuma's Statue Of The Seven.

There are six shrines of depth in inazuma. With the waverider, players can easily sail to the shrine's location. In order to reach the location, players must fast travel to the statue of the seven and activate the waverider spawn point nearby.

Travel To The Cecilia Garden Domain, Then Climb The Rocks Towards The South.

The first shrine of depths location is found on a small island northwest of the narukami statue of the seven. Shrine 3 can be found in kannazuka, near the shakkei pavilion. There are also 2 shrines of depths in yashiori island.

The Fifth Shrine Is Located In The Serpent's Head Region Of Inazuma.

The inazuma shrine of depths key is an adventure item which can be used to unlock the shrines of depths in inazuma, allowing players to access the chests inside. The first shrine can be found northwest of ritou, in one of the small isles. These can be earned by doing a variety of tasks, including going through the game's main story.

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