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Genshin Impact Kucha Gusha. For kucha gusha, the phrase actually translates to “seed”, so the hilichurl wants players to give him some kind of seed item. If you found the video useful, please remember to like and subscribe.

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While hilichurls don’t farm, they have a habit of stockpiling seeds, so it’s likely the seed referenced isn’t for a typical crop. We gave him dandelion seeds, and he was perfectly happy with that. With this information, it can be determined that the small seed being spoken about is a dandelion seed.

You Can Complete Genshin Impact Kucha Gusha Mission Following This Video Guide.

For kucha gusha, the phrase actually translates to “seed”, so the hilichurl wants players to give him some kind of seed item. Genshin impact is available now on mobile, pc, and ps4, and later on switch. Download free genshin impact kucha gusha forty six metascore a man who complains about god far too frequently is offered almighty powers to.

Assuming You Have Reached This Far In The Genshin Impact Sighting 5 Event Quest, You Will Have The Unusual Hilichurl Location Marked On Your Game Map And The Time When He Appears In The Marked Location.

The kucha gusha genshin impact phrase is the latest thing that you need to translate for the day 5 of the mimi tomo event for hilichurls. Kucha gusha is an hilichurlian phrase in genshin impact. Kucha gusha and mosi aba nunu are the two new steps in the genshin impact mimi tomo hilichurl event.

While Hilichurls Don’t Farm, They Have A Habit Of Stockpiling Seeds, So It’s Likely The Seed Referenced Isn’t For A Typical Crop.

Search for the sword of brilliant valor look inside the house on the west side of the village defeat the hilichurls conducting a ritual retrieve the sword of brilliant valor seek the shield of magnificent honor look at the center of the area marked, slightly. Not to worry, it is an extremely simple quest, below is the answer. How to do kucha gusha genshin impact quest.

According To The Handbook, ‘Kucha Gusha’ Means A Seed.

Lionfang's legacy is the third part of venti's story quest carmen dei chapter: In this guide, we will show you what kucha gusha means in genshin impact. Meaning & where to find;

Genshin Impact Mosi Aba Nunu:

It also states that ‘kucha’ means small. On day 5 of genshin impact’s hilichurls event mimi tomo, during the mutual exchange quest, players are required to give an item to the hilichurl that comes under the category “kucha gusha”. Phasmophobia dev teasing more for the next big update.

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