Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 1 Special Treasure Clue Location

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 1 Special Treasure Clue Location. You will find it at. Players can go the these marked locations to find the different treasures (rewards iron coins) hidden in the area.

Lost Riches Secret Trove Treasure Day 1, How to Solve the Puzzle and from

The treasure seeking seelie is back in genshin impact, with the lost riches and its key npc. After completing the challenge you will be rewarded with some special treasure clue which you can use to get. Day 1 of the lost riches event is currently underway and in the wake of that, players are eagerly looking for the special treasure clue to find the location of the.

The Matching Map May Be Found At The Bottom Of The “Lost Fortune” Menu’s.

The special treasure location 1 can be found in araumi, just to the west of the teleport there. The lost riches event is currently going on in genshin impact and by completing the daily tasks and activities you can earn some rewards. 0 seconds of 2 minutes, 34 secondsvolume 0%.

The Treasure Seeking Seelie Is Back In Genshin Impact, With The Lost Riches And Its Key Npc.

Genshin impact's second lost riches event is well underway, and two different special treasures are currently available, earning players up to. This puzzle is solved by illuminating the floor according to the map after stepping on a block that appears on the ground near the excavation site. How to find genshin impact treasure area 1 location.

You Will Be Challenged By Two Abyss Mages (Hydro And Cryo) Event.

Genshin impact lost riches | special treasure 1. However, before you can get to it, you will need to find this special treasure location and solve a puzzle. Perilous trail & itto drumalong.

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Youtube mp3, stafaband, gudang lagu, metrolagu deskripsi: The lost riches event in genshin impact started on january 8, 2021, and each day ulman adds two new treasure locations in the treasure book. The lost riches event has begun in genshin impact, and besides the usual buried treasure, there will also be special treasure clues which will point you in the direction of the secret trove.

Players Can Go The These Marked Locations To Find The Different Treasures (Rewards Iron Coins) Hidden In The Area.

This is the community for genshin impact (原神) tips. Perilous trail & itto drumalong. There are not many rewards available and you may only get the iron coins in these tasks and.

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