Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Ship Puzzle Guide

Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Ship Puzzle Guide. Seiraimaru is west of koseki. Gamewith uses cookies and ip addresses.

All Seiraimaru Ship Puzzles 2 Luxurious Chests Genshin Impact 2.1 from

You will see a large shipwreck. Seiraimaru is west of koseki. Seiraimaru ship is on the western edge of seirai island as shown in the picture below.

There Seems To Be A Limit Of 50 Fish To Bag In The Fishing Event Pond.

First, you will find a shipwreck that has a phase gate and an active thunder sakura bough. Genshin impact seiraimaru shipwreck puzzle guide. Seiraimaru ship puzzle is a new puzzle for seirai island in genshin impact version 2.1.

One Of The Secrets That You Might Come Across Is The Shipwreck On The Westernmost Short.

Seiraimaru is a location on seirai island in the 2.1 update of genshin impact. To the west of seirai island in genshin impact, there’s a boat called the seiraimaru. Genshin impact players can find all the steps required to solve the seiraimaru relay stone puzzle on seira island in this short guide.

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To the west of seirai island in genshin impact, there’s a boat called the seiraimaru. This puzzle, hands down, is one of the longest ones to complete. In this video, i show how to complete all the puzzles in the seiraimaru boat located in seirai island in genshin impact.

This Marks The End Of The Seiraimaru Ship Puzzle.

While you won’t come here as part of the main archon questline there are quests like the seirai stormchasers that will bring you here. Welcome to seirai island, the southwesternmost island in the inazuma archipelago. Our genshin impact guide will explain how to solve the seiraimaru boat puzzles and claim the rewards.

Seiraimaru Ship Is On The Western Edge Of Seirai Island As Shown In The Picture Below.

Genshin impact added seirai island to inazuma in the recent 2.1 update, and players can find plenty of treasure chests in the island’s seiraimaru shipwreck. This genshin impact seiraimaru shipwreck puzzle guide will show you how to get in, and get out with all the good loot. By that, i mean, it’s in a place you can overlook extremely easily;

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