How To Always Win At 2048 Game

How To Always Win At 2048 Game. There is no guarantee that you will win, but hey, this works for me, so it'll work for you! Tips and tricks to win in 2048.

Tips and Tricks How to Beat 2048 from

Here's how to play and win 2048. We normally say content is king but here the corner is the king. You can play the game by sliding the cupcakes up, down, left, right, and in the opposite direction.

Your Goal In This Game Is To Join Numbered Tiles And Create A 2048 Tile.

Using this technique, i've made it to 2048 18 times. The game is deceptively simple as the basic mechanics are just moving tiles around, but underneath it is a complex and strategic puzzle game. Try to always use only two directions.

Here Is Our Suggestive Guide On How To.

Simple tips and tricks to help you win at 2048 game easily!. For instance, if you select the top left corner, you will be finally. That is why you should always play with a calm mind.

The Starting Board Looks Like This:

In order to win the game you should have a specific strategy. Touch screen devices allow you to swipe the screen in any direction that you choose. I tend go all one direction until i can’t anymore, then go the other way.

While It Is Fun To Play, Winning Is Even Better.

Tips and tricks to win in 2048. You need to have a blank slate so that you can easily create thought processes that will help you win. If you want to win the 2048 game, you need a strategy.

For Example, By Swiping Only To The Right And Down, You Can Keep All The Tiles In The Lower Right Corner.

Although i failed to tonight (2:00 am gimme a break.) the chance of victory after playing ten rounds was 7/10 victories. Start each game by sliding left and right to build up some 4’s and 8’s along your sides. 2048 is a tile based puzzle game available for ios, android and on the web.

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