How To Buy Pets In Among Us

How To Buy Pets In Among Us. All pet bundles cost $2.99 across all platforms. Pull up the among us game, and open up settings by clicking on the cog icon.

How to Buy Skins in Among Us (Skins, Hats & Pets) Freemium World from

This guide will help players learn how to purchase and equip pets. Pets in among us 2019.6.7! There are even mini aliens as pets.

Buy To Support The Developers.

Do among us pets cost money? Hey guys, into days video i am going to be showing you how to get pets in among us! But if you’re just playing for fun, here’s how you can unlock each of the cosmetics in among us, using both platform’s pricing.

Pets Are Available To Purchase On All Platforms, But Unfortunately, The Game Doesn’t Allow Your Saves To Cross Over To Different Platforms — Meaning You Will Have To Buy The Pets Again, So Keep That In Mind Before Purchasing.

Each of these pets costs $2.99 and comes in two variants. Each bundle has two pets in it, with some unique options. To get pets in among us, you are going to need to spend some money.

There Are 5 Pairs Of Pets, Each 3 Usd On All Platforms.

The following are ways how to get a pet among the us that you can do: Here’s the list of all the pets and their variants available in the game. The game allows players to play with up to 9 friends and set a variety of rules to make the game easier or harder like having more than 2.

Now On The Main Page, Tap On The Icon Shown Below.

After the menu appears with the default interface of among us, users need to look at the bottom of the screen. Thanks for watching don't forget to like subscribe and comment down below. We also want to remind everyone that we're still working on two new maps:

Firstly, Open Between Us On Your Smartphone.

Go to the laptop in the game. Of course, by buying existing cosmetics you can make these developers make among us even better. They react to their owner being killed during the kill animation.

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