How To Change Family Name In Black Desert Online

How To Change Family Name In Black Desert Online. When you first start playing black desert online, you’re made to choose a family name for your character. After the coupon has been used the change.

How to Change Family Name (Random Generated) for New Account Black from

The family name in black desert mobile must be between three and sixteen characters long. However, if you find yourself really wanting a different family name than what you have right now, there. If you already knew it.

Browse To The Etc Area Of The Shop Page (Pearl Shop > Misc.

It just takes a little bit of time. You can pay $10 i think to do it. The npc's always call me by my family name which is pretty annoying because i wasnt able to change my family is something like adventurer8983.

Removed The Step Of Choosing Your Family Name When You Log Into Black Desert For The First Time.

This name doesn’t really serve a purpose other than to keep your characters identifiable. Purchase the coupon and it will transfer to your pearl stock. Black desert online offers many pvp events and battles with housing, fishing, farming, trading, and many more things in the game.

Once You Use This Coupon, You Can Choose What Your New Family Name Will Be, And This Change Will Be Applied During The Game’s Next Maintenance.

B tsy mar 7, 2020 @ 4:01am. The family and character name change coupons are each sold separately. You cannot use a letter more than 3 times consecutively.

I Thought It Was Like An Account Name, Not Your Family Name.

Try going to character selection and back to see if the changes took effect. Once purchased, players may access the family or character name change coupon within their pearl inventory. You can change your family name on the same server for free if you are playing on a guest account.

It Probably Has Changed But Didn't Visually Updated For You, So That Might Be The Reason Why On Second Attempts It Said It Was Already In Use.

One way to change the name of your character is by paying 400 pearls. There you can find the family name modification coupon for 1200 pearls. Splits open to reveal jam.

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