How To Complete The Time And Wind Quest In Genshin Impact

How To Complete The Time And Wind Quest In Genshin Impact. Behind the sun dial, out on the platform in the water, you will see a green glowing orb. Completing genshin impact's time and the wind quest.

How to complete Time and the Wind in Genshin Impact Gamer Journalist from

Jump and climb on the pillars to get close enough to use a wind attack on the orb, which will cause the other three to spawn. Destroying one set of win orbs will summon a boss. Before you begin, resonate to anemo / maintain.

The Wind Jets Will Take The Player Back To Another Sundial Where They Would Need To Change The Time.

How to complete time and wind quest in genshin impact. First, he needs to find the manual about using the sundial. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the time and wind side quest, how to solve the puzzle on the island and defeat the eye of the storm.

The Most Rewarding Quest Right Now On Mondstadt, This Will You 500 Xp.

Completing genshin impact's time and the wind quest. Read it to begin the next part of the time and wind quest. Then head to the sun dial and set your time to 2am.

Fight It And Kill It To Break The Next.

Near the sundial you will find a small red tent as shown below. Time and wind is a secret quest that unlocks by interacting with the “ravaged carving” statue on an island in the ocean. Use anemo skill to disperse the wind clusters.

Genshin Impact Has A Variety Of World Quests That Provide Insightful Information About The Many Regions Of Teyvat And The Characters Living In It.

This genshin impact quest items guide will cover quest items available in the game, their types, uses,. On the southern beach of the island, players will find a rock and a shovel on the ground. They will need to find 3 more wind orbs.

But In A Nutshell, I Keep Them As A Souvenir So That I Can Relate To The Quest I Completed.

Reach and explore the island to start the quest. Time and wind is a world quest in genshin impact. This time, the breaking the orbs will spawn wind slime enemies, so the player needs to be careful.

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