How To Get All Zen Pictures In Mystic Messenger

How To Get All Zen Pictures In Mystic Messenger. (zen) i don’t really like people who show off either. I don’t think zen is stupid at all~ (zen + possibility of hourglass) zen’s not only attractive on the outside, so i don’t care.

Otome Game ReviewMystic Messenger (Zen’s Route) hiddenflowerashes from

The first four days of the chat will determine who's route you are going to be on. See album for more information on the photos click here to view the full resolution apng versions of stickers. Then click on the guest list (left side of the screen), click on the guest you want to invite to the party, and from there you can redeem your hourglasses.

(Zen…) I Like Zen’s Selfies.

Compliment zen on his looks and especially his talents. I'm gonna shoot for getting all of zen's endings and see if that works for getting the photos first :+1: The first four days of the chat will determine who's route you are going to be on.

Try Not To Fangirl Or Shit Talk Fans.

Oooooh thank you thank you :hearts: Cheritz has also given us (the mystic messenger wiki) their permission to upload their images onto the page. Acting aggressively possessive or mean to fans especially jaehee should be avoided at all costs.

I Will Colour Code These, So Please Refer To The Same Coloured Text To See Where The Conversation Leads.if The Text Is Black, It Means That It Is The Default Story Conversation Continuing.

(zen) don’t you have to go work now ? Mystic messenger has been around for a while but it is still one of the most popular otome games currently available. Over time, all the images that the players have collected during their gameplay time of mystic messenger will be stored under album in the extra section.

See Album For More Information On The Photos Click Here To View The Full Resolution Apng Versions Of Stickers.

Dos of zen mystic messenger. Regard zen's autonomy and his energy for his work. 66 anime images in gallery.

All Images Uploaded To This Page Belong To Cheritz, The Developers Of Mystic Messenger.

The album can also be accessed through the main gameplay screen or the extra. When zen starts to mature in his reactions and tries to reach out, support him in this. Do not participate in chat.

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