How To Get Sponge In Merge Mansion

How To Get Sponge In Merge Mansion. You can get 14 items from the level 1 piggy banks, before merging them. Merge mansion is the first game released by the finnish studio metacore games, previously known as everywear games.

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The soap comes from merging two toothpaste, and the sponge comes from merging cloth, then bucket. At first the toolbox is in parts and must be put together by the player to then be used and merged to gain resources like tools, screws, and paint cans: The starting point is to make a level 6 vase.

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Level 1 screws can be found by tapping the toolbox found in the garage. Merge mansion is not your typical merge game. It takes a long time to get the higher level items.

The First Thing You Need To Do Is Reach Level 5 In The Game.

To turn on automatic updates. In other words, knowing how to get the spring bouquet is going to be absolutely necessary if you want to clear the board. Updating merge mansion on ios.

The Toolbox In Merge Mansion (Metacore Games)

You need to tap the broom cabinet to get the sponge and the soap. By clicking on the blue chest you will get different items, and by making a few merges, you will create a cabinet. If you have more answers to add you can do that below.

So I Found A Chest At Level 5 (A Blue Chest) That Gave Me A Few New Things, Can’t Remember Exactly What It Gave Me But After Merging A Bit, I Got The Cabinet Which Gave Me Toothpaste And Towels, Merge The Towels To Get Buckets Which You Merge To.

This will allow you to forget about manual updating for a long time. The soap comes from merging two toothpaste, and the sponge comes from merging cloth, then bucket. Do not tap the level 2 piggy, but just merge.

Cleaning Tools Are Used A Lot During The Later Game.

How to get soap and sponge? You get them from the closet which starts out with the bolt and screw from which you create a handle. In fact, different levels of the spring bouquet to complete specific event tasks.

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