How To Get The Transformers Skins In Smite

How To Get The Transformers Skins In Smite. Here’s what all you have to do: Complete the standard battle pass track to advance to the coveted prestige track.

Robotic skin for Geb coming Eventually Smite from

You can redeem this code then as usual in smite. If you’re a fan of transformers, you have been subjected to a paucity of good games in the franchise over the years. Smite revealed its upcoming transformers crossover event on oct.

Here’s What All You Have To Do:

Originally posted by determined man: Instead, certain transformers will be available as skins for existing smite gods. There are times when skins are sold at a discount, and sometimes certain skins are bundled.

While Most Skins Can Only Be Unlocked With Gems, There Are Several Skins That Can Be Unlocked With Favor As Well As Gems.

Launching on november 16, the smite x transformers battle pass doesn't mean that autobots will en. The cybertron avatar, for example, can be yours after you’ve reached a certain bp. Originally released in 2014, smite features a huge cast of characters representing several pantheons of gods and mythical.

The Transformers Update Is Here!

Just cut out the retro skins, and put shredder and splinter in. Follow smite on twitter to unlock artemis god and. To acquire these skins you have to download the raptr launcher and have it running in the background while you play something.

The Transformers Battle Pass Will Be Available In November.

If you’re opting not to spend money, you can still get something from the free battle pass. The transformers battle pass bundle is the best way to get started. Begin your battle pass journey by purchasing the premium battle pass.

Smite Announces A New Battle Pass And Character Skins Based On The Transformers Franchise As Part Of Its Next Crossover Event.

Get ready to get a little green! The initial skins are more in line with smite’s art style, however, each of the new skins will also have a “g1” version based on the original generation 1 animated show. Have fun with the poin hunt.

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