How To Get The Vase In Merge Mansion

How To Get The Vase In Merge Mansion. You have a slight chance to get the drawer parts from the drawers after they start dropping the items. These can be merged to get a bottle.

How to get Mosaic tiles in Merge Mansion Gamepur from

If you have more answers to add you can do that below. You'll get more coins and gems than opening the piggy banks daily. How to use vases in merge mansion.

However, Years Of Neglect Have Made The Place Fall Into Disrepair, And All Its Spaces Are Ruined And Filled With Clutter And Debris.

When players receive the vases, they will notice a lightning bolt that flashes on the vase — this implies that the material is. The first is to tap and break the level 8 of the bottle, aka the ship in the bottle. It is to be a grade one vase, and you can smash it by leaving it for a long time.

The 1St Level Vase Drops From The Drawers.

This grants you both shrapnel and the ship. These vases drop from the drawer item. For more questions for merge mansion check out the question page where you can search or ask your own question.

Once You Have Merged Different Items And Obtained A Vase, You Can Tap On It To Get The Locket Item.

Then it will give out level 1 water leaves. We recommend always merging the daily free piggy banks to level 3 every 4 days. If you are still looking for help with this game we have more questions and answers for you to check.

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In fact, different levels of the spring bouquet to complete specific event tasks. How to get mosaic in merge mansion. How to get a peony flower in merge mansion.

These Are Dropped From Level 6+ Vases.

If you have more answers to add you can do that below. How is a vase produced? The easiest and fastest way to acquire the shrapnel is through joining it from broken vases.

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