How To Have Triplets In Bitlife

How To Have Triplets In Bitlife. I’ve had tons of twins, that’s how i completed the alphabet challenge. How old can you have babies in bitlife?

How to have triplets in BitLife? Complete guide to help you with this from

Carrying three humans in your stomach due to triplet pregnancy isn’t easy in real life and it’s not particularly easy to do in bitlife either. After that, please age up and check whether you succeeded in getting triplets. The first one is having the birth the normal way and hoping that it might be a twin or a triplet.

How To Have Triplets In Bitlife

After opening it you will need to choose the ivf option and get pregnant. You have a lot of freedom in bitlife, the mobile game simulator, where you can do almost anything with zero can even find yourself going to jail, where you later have to break out. If not you can repeat the process over and over again until you do.

On Your Screen, Please Find The Option Fertility (It Is Located Right Under Activities).

You’ll need to spend lots of time with your spouse to make that happen, and be prepared to repeat the same process multiple times. In case they give a positive response and it ends up being successful then the female. To have triplets in bitlife, you will want to be after the age of 40 and go to the fertility option under activities.

The First One Is Having The Birth The Normal Way And Hoping That It Might Be A Twin Or A Triplet.

To start the whole process, you will need to be more than 40 years old. But i haven’t yet had triplets and i’ve played since way before bitlife was popular. After opening it, you will need to choose the ivf option and get pregnant.

This Happens To Be One Of The Most Effective Ways To Get Triplets In Bitlife And The Players Need To Keep Repeating This.

Sorry i couldn’t get it on camera but this really works i have done it so many times and sometimes it even works on the first try but this is a easy was subs. For ivf, you can ask your partner if they agree for it. How to have triplets in bitlife.

I’ve Had Tons Of Twins, That’s How I Completed The Alphabet Challenge.

There are a few other needs to fulfill aside from money. Some users have even tried this for continuously three. Actions to take to get triplets.

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