How To Open Treasure Pods In Slime Rancher

How To Open Treasure Pods In Slime Rancher. There are three types of treasures pods, and three levels of treasure crackers. No, it is round spheres called treasure pods.

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In this case, the key isn't a literal object they find lying around, but a lab upgrade called the treasure cracker. With the first upgrade, players will be able to unlock the green treasure pods throughout slime rancher. All the player needs to do is find the key.

That’s All There Is To Getting A Treasure Cracker In Slime Rancher.

While the jetpack is not necessary to find some of these pods, it is recommended to buy it to be able to reach them all. Treasure pods can be found throughout the whole far, far range but the secret styles can't be found until you download the secret styles dlc pack for $12 at the store the secret styles are made by the 7 zee corporation there are also the secret vaults with more then 100 gold plorts witch are located at: Treasure pods are spherical objects found dotted around the far, far range.

They Don't Contain Any Of Slime Rancher's Critical Resources, Just Optional Cosmetic Skins For The Player's Slimes.

Before starting, it is recommended to activate the dry reef's map data node to unlock terrain details on the world map. Thankfully, unlocking treasure orbs is simple. In this case, the key isn't a literal object they find lying around, but a lab upgrade called the.

Once The Upgrade Is Done, Players Will Just Have To Walk Up To Them And Press E.

Gamefaqs isn't going to be merged in with gamespot or any other site. We have a separate guide with their locations right over here. They are usually found in out of the way spots and can be only opened once per game.

To Open The Various Green, Blue, And Purple Treasure Pods Scattered Around The Game Map, You Need A Corresponding Treasure Cracker Keyed To Each Of Those Three Tiers Of Pods.

But i googled and found this. Note that the base treasure cracker will not unlock the other variants of treasure pods (blue and black) until it is fully upgraded. The treasure cracker mki allows you to open green pods;

They Are Hidden As Strong As It Is Only Possible.

The day i back with video slime rancher how to unlock treasure pods Once you've done this, your treasure cracker will be able to open both green and blue treasure pods. This will allow you to open up any black treasure.

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