How To Recruit Maxwell In Triangle Strategy

How To Recruit Maxwell In Triangle Strategy. Triangle strategy has two recruitment methods. To arms, brave warriors, maxwell is tasked with not only training roland but protecting the young prince with his life.

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This means that you don't need to increase any conviction level for him to join your army. 15 units — exactly half of triangle strategy's total — join via character stories. However, it is impossible to get the entire roster in just one playthrough.

This Means Players Wishing To Recruit A Certain Conviction Character Will Need To Focus On That Character's Convictions During Their Playthrough.

Once these values are met, a new icon will appear in the lower right part of the screen, and by pressing the + button, you will be able to interact with it, start the character story and recruit the legendary warrior. Ser maxwell will join your army if you protected the roselles in chapter 11. After ser maxwell falls off the bridge early in the game, he’s saved by rosellans and loses his memory.

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Maxwell is recruitable, he survived, but got amnesia while he's nursed back to health by the rosellan, he joined you once he remembered who he is and what he stands for. First seen in chapter ii: I just kept looking online and couldnt find anything about recruiting him.

Maxwell Is The Strongest Warrior In The Kingdom Of Glenbrook, And One Of The Greatest Warriors In Norzelia.

Here's an example of how classes change in triangle strategy. I think he's misinterpreting the scene where they found his mask and hat. Ser maxwell is literally the person you can throw alone into the heat of the battle and still survive.

Maxwell Should Join You In Chapter 15 After That.

After the battle with avlora, ser maxwell fell into a river beneath the bridge he was protecting. Every once in a while on the world map menu, instead of accepting the next main story quest, a blue marker will appear indicating a new character available for recruitment. Ser maxwell is a unit that you can only recruit through choices.

This Guide Will Help You Find Out And Recruit The Best Characters For Battles In Triangle Strategy.

15 units — exactly half of triangle strategy's total — join via character stories. His relationship with roland had grown to. You must have kicked out the roselle in chapter 11 and then choose visit the roselle in chapter 15 to have him join your team.

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