How to Rent an Apartment

The following information must be provided when applying for an apartment: it is important to have this information handy when you first begin searching for an apartment, since many apartments these days are rented out quickly due to low volume and high demand.

Once you do find an apartment that you like, it is important to apply soon, preferably the same day, since most landlords rent out apartments primarily on a first come first serve basis; in today's real estate market, with the low volume of apartments and increasing demand, this translates into more applicants than usual for each available apartment. Hence, applying for an apartment even one or two days after viewing it can often be a significant delay, with the order of receiving the application (as well as filling it out correctly and meeting all of the criteria) being the only basis for being accepted as a tenant. Being prepared when hunting for an apartment can make a difference between searching on a long-term basis and landing an apartment within a few weeks. The following should be on hand when applying for your apartment:

1) Full name

2) Driver's license number

3) Date of birth

4) Social security number

5) Past two areas of residence (if you previously lived in an apartment you may need to provide its address as well as its landlord's name, phone number and / or email addresses; if you previously owned a home you may need to provide its address , your mortgage company references, and proof of title ownership or transfer, while if you rented a house you may need to provide its owner's name and phone number, as well as the house's address.

6) Income / employment history (employer contacts and either tax records or pay stubs)

7) Criminal history (an applicant may be denied if, within the past amount of years, with the amount to be determined by the individual property management, he / she has been convicted of a crime, either on a misdemeanor or felony level, involving violence, sex, or drugs. Other crimes involving a threat to property or to other residents' enjoyment of the premises, including the manufacture or distribution of controlled substances, may also be grounds for denial as well.)

Note: False information provided for the above criteria may be grounds for rejection of the application; other reasons for rejection may include the following:

1) Previous court judgments, especially a court ordered eviction within the past amount of year (with the amount to be determined by the property management) or a guilty judgment for late rental payments

2) Poor credit history

3) Negative references from past landlords or places of residence (a negative reference is specifically defined as any reference which includes a violation of the residence's lease, including but not limited to the following:

4) Repeated disturbance of the neighbor's peace

5) Reports of prostitution, drug dealing, or drug manufacturing

6) Keeping pets when pets are not allowed

7) Illegal vacating of the premises

8) Deliberate and / or excessive damage to the property

9) Violence or threats to other neighbors on the premises

10) Inability to pay the security deposit and / or other fees which may be required by the landlord