How To Throw A Cabbage 100M In Fortnite

How To Throw A Cabbage 100M In Fortnite. But, once you've collected some cabbage from random spawns or food crates on the map, just head over to a high point ontop of a building or a structure you've built. Watch popular content from the following creators:

Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass week 6, season 2 quests, list and full from

If you’re playing in build mode, then you’ll be able to build a ramp to. Watch popular content from the following creators: With every new chapter and season in fortnite, developers add new and sometimes silly challenges to the game.

Then, Simply Chuck The Cabbage Off The Top And Continue To Do This Until You've Got The.

How to throw a cabbage 100m in one throw. We'll go over how you can find cabbages on the fortnite map and complete this challenge. One fortnite chapter 3, season 2 weekly challenge requires you to find and throw a cabbage 100 meters in any direction on the map.

This Challenge Is Rather Easy, And May Take A Few Throws To Get The Correct Amount.

From there you have to throw the cabbages as far as you can. To complete this challenge, you’ll need a few things. When you hop into fortnite chapter 3, season 2, you’ll find new challenges to tackle each week, and completing these will reward you with major xp gains that you can use to level up fast.

One Will Not Be Enough, Just In Case You Need To Have A Few Tries.

While these boxes have the chance of. Fortnite thermal rifle locations in chapter 3 season 2. After collecting cabbages you need to go to an uplifted area.

But, Once You've Collected Some Cabbage From Random Spawns Or Food Crates On The Map, Just Head Over To A High Point Ontop Of A Building Or A Structure You've Built.

Moreover, you can go to the io airships at the tilted towers and command cavern if you are playing zero build mode. You may be surprised to find out that cabbage falls under the list of items you can throw. One of the week 6 quests in fortnite chapter 3, season 2 tasks you with throwing a cabbage 100 meters in the air.

In The Building Mode, You Can Build Staircases Until.

Once on the yellow container at the very top of the stack, equip the cabbages in hand and press the aim button to see the throw trajectory. We’ll go over how you can complete this quest. Now, at the end of the cliff, start building a staircase towards the sky.

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