How To Unlock Damascus In Cod Mobile

How To Unlock Damascus In Cod Mobile. In october 2020, cod mobile released the damascus camos for players to grind and unlock. @dio 👀note all the weapons that came out after the damascus update aren't necessary.

How to Unlock DAMASCUS, PLATINUM & GOLD Camos FAST in COD Mobile from

The damascus camo has been added as a reward for completing every weapon in the entire game. In particular, camouflages are an important banner in your game's arsenal. The smgs call for about 1.200 kills in total;

In Particular, Camouflages Are An Important Banner In Your Game's Arsenal.

Every weapon has a damascus camo which. This definitely won’t be an easy process, but it could be rewarding in the end. And sadly, you have to get the gold camo in every one of them.

@Dio 👀Note All The Weapons That Came Out After The Damascus Update Aren't Necessary.

The first major task you must complete to unlock the damascus camos in cod mobile is to acquire all gold tier camos in the game. The smgs call for about 1.200 kills in total; Camo not unlocking even when platinum on all weapons.

This Includes The Gold, Platinum, And Damascus Camos.

According to reports, the cod mobile oden damascus camo is not unlocking even for players who have achieved gold or platinum rank in every weapon (including secondaries). Unlocking all gold tier camos in cod mobile will take a while. In total, there are nine weapon categories in which we have a profusion of weapons.

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The ultimate goal for each gun was to get the gold camo for completing all of the previous challenges. How to unlock damascus camo in call of duty: Now though, there’s something even bigger.

For Every Player Whether He/She Is Having Legendary Gun Has Once A Wish To Try With Any Of The Four Camos.

Assault rifles require a total of 1.500 kills, rounding an average of 10 to 150 games. Damascus camo is one of the rarest camos in the game, and hence acquiring it can be pretty tough. This ultimately means you have to get the gold camo as well.

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