How To Unlock The Deep Story In Mystic Messenger

How To Unlock The Deep Story In Mystic Messenger. Then click on the guest list (left side of the screen), click on the guest you want to invite to the party, and from there you can redeem your hourglasses. Ok so i bought the deep story mode for 80hg but after i finished jumins route it said i had to pay 100 hg for either jumin or 707.

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The first day is the same as in casual story. Or jumin and luciel in the deep story. Always start with 10 to 15 guests for the party of rfa for the best ending.

The Cheritz Team Has Been Amazing With Communicating With Mystic Messenger Fans, So The.

I highly do not recommend using websites to. Bad endings are pretty hard to achieve in jumin's route, but for those wanting every bit of his story, they are a must. Compared to casual story, deep story focuses more heavily on plot details.

Just Ended My First Route In Mystic Messenger (Got Zen Good Ending ), And I Actualy Wanted To Go Straight To Jumin’s Route, Since I’m Not Interested In Both Yoosung Or Jaehee.

I will colour code these, so please refer to the same coloured text to see where the conversation leads. To get a normal or good ending in mystic messenger, you must invite guests to the rfa’s party. To unlock and participate in the chat, you will have to spend 5hg.

You Will Need To Return To The Main Menu And Open The Save And Load Menu To Navigate To The Mode Select Screen To Choose Deep Story Mode, Which Costs 80 Hg To Unlock.

As for another story, players will have a chance to pursue a relationship with v and saeran. Facebook twitter tumblr reddit whatsapp line email. Before getting 707’s good ending, you need to unlock his route.

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Since it requires 200 hourglasses to unlock deep story mode, it is highly recommended for players to unlock all three routes available in casual story first before. Through the deep story, the player will be able to unlock the routes of jumin han and 707 depending on their responses […] Fail days five to seven.

Webtoon Available On Bookcube (Korean) And Tappytoon (English).

To get a high percentage of good party endings, reply to mystic messenger emails correctly and aim for the three green arrows. 100 hearts is equal to 1 hg or hourglass. Either save your progress, start over and unlock deep story, then load your progress by consuming 5 hg.

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