Issues with some homeowners leasing out their homes, condos for overnight rental on Padre Island

The renting of neighborhood homes for a short-term, overnight stay is causing problems on Padre Island. 

Island Report: Short term rentals causing friction between neighbors on Padre Island



More than 60 homes in residential neighborhoods are currently being offered for visits of one or two days. It’s causing friction between neighbors and is getting attention at city hall.


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When you think of the island, you think of wide canals, wide open park space and quiet neighborhoods.

Under the surface, in the quiet neighborhoods, there is a problem that is pitting neighbor against neighbor.

Some homeowners are leasing out their homes, pool houses and condos for overnight rental. Essentially turning them into hotel rooms that can fetch hundreds of dollars per night.

Two signs on Cuttysark tell the tale. One neighbor’s overnight stay is another neighbor’s noise problem. There is an ordinance that prohibits leasing for less than one month, but enforcement is the issue.

Along the seawall, the area along the beaches and the area around Lake Padre it is not an issue.

Condos each have their own rules and can do as they please. It’s in the neighborhoods where the problem lies.

The city and homeowner’s association are working on new zoning laws to regulate short-term rentals in island neighborhoods and it is expected by year’s end.

It’s a delicate balance between businesses that rely on the tourist trade and property rights.

As work began on the new Park Road 22 water exchange bridge project this week, it takes on a new urgency. In the meantime, it’s every property owner for themselves.

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