Kleptocats 2 All Safe Codes

Kleptocats 2 All Safe Codes. 1/4 help 2/4 cat napped 3/4 john catterson 4/4 carlos. Leon's desk code for (rookie's first assignment) dial locks in west office.

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Here are some codes i found on kleptocats! The second code can be found using the braille and to unlock it you will need a doctor id card, the code is: Guide to safe codes, ribbons, and secrets in kleptocats 2.

This Is The First Location The Game Starts In.

Safe codes for the patio Check out our complete cheat sheet of gem codes and secrets for patio, lobby and shed, plus other tricky things All you have to do is to enter the code in the safe and that’s it!

Kleptocats 2 Is Nearing Launch, And It’s Come A Long Way In The Past Few Months.

Safe codes for inside the shed. Here are the other safe codes for the shed and patio that my channel hasn’t covered yet. Here are simple yet fast ways to get rich!!

Kleptocats 2 Is Filled With Secrets That, When Solved, Give You Gems.

In the second image on the right, i connected. So join us for this new kleptocats strategy guide, as we unlock the secrets, no pun intended, of the secret safe. Eyeballs, claw, mushroom, yellow stone.

In Order To Unlock This Purple Ribbon In Kleptocats 2, You Will Need To Have Acquired The Runes, The Letter, And The Alchemy Pot (See Above Screenshot).

Guide to safe codes, ribbons, and secrets in kleptocats 2. And the final secret, the one that gives you a purple ribbon for the lobby, asks for. But it’s not easy to find codes.

The First Code Can Be Found Right On The Box Which Is Inside The Shed, The Code Is:

After unlocking the id card, by using braille to decode it comes out. Do this if you didn't know. Once you’re here, go ahead and enter the safe code or special code that you want to in order to see if it works.

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