Lakers don’t have the assets to trade for Bradley Beal

Sorry, Snoop Dogg: Lakers don’t have the assets to trade for Beal originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Bradley Beal buying a house in the L.A. area likely means nothing anything at all, as other stars with hundreds of millions of dollars have done that before and did not end up playing for the Lakers or Clippers. That said, both Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard bought southern California homes ahead of their jump to those teams and it sounds like rapper Snoop Dogg is banking on Beal being next.

Snoop appeared on FS1’s ‘Undisputed’ and brought up to hosts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless that Beal just made a recent real estate purchase.

While Sharpe was talking about the Lakers adding more pieces, Snoop leaned forward and said: “You know Bradley Beal just moved to L.A., huh?”

See for yourself as NBC Sports Washington’s Quinton Mayo clipped the video:

Okay, okay. Well, first of all, Beal didn’t move to L.A. As long as he is a member of the Wizards, he will be spending most of his time in the Washington area. This new house is likely a summer home and a place he can stay when the Wizards go West to play the Lakers and Clippers each season.

Until Beal or the Wizards show any indication they are headed for a split, there is no reason for Wizards fans to read into this too much. Plus, if Beal were to go to an L.A. team, the Clippers might make more sense in theory just because they have more enticing trade pieces like Paul George, Lou Williams and Landry Shamet.

The Lakers are such a top-heavy team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they don’t have many players around them that could be considered as trade assets. That’s what happens when you sell off your entire team to trade for a player of Davis’ caliber.

Also, neither the Lakers or the Clippers have high draft picks to offer. Add it all up, and the Wizards could probably find a much better trade partner if they ever decide to look for one.

So, Snoop can probably drop this idea like it’s hot. It just doesn’t seem realistic the Lakers could pull off a deal for Beal.

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