Rohtak MC contractor vows not to tow lawyers’ vehicles, pays penalty imposed by them : The Tribune India

Sunit Dhawan

Tribune News Service

Rohtak, November 1

In a curious instance, members of the District Bar Association forcibly impounded the crane of a parking contractor engaged by the local Municipal Corporation after a car of a local lawyer parked in a no-parking zone was towed away by his employees.

The lawyers returned the crane to the contractor after a week, only after he gave a written undertaking that he would never tow the vehicles of lawyers and paid a penalty of Rs 11,000 imposed on him by the lawyers.

An FIR has also been lodged against the contractor, whose employees allegedly misbehaved with the lawyer, apart from intimidating and assaulting him.

“Yes, we impounded the crane of the contractor and released it after about a week after he gave a written undertaking that he will never tow the vehicle of any lawyer, nor misbehave with them. A penalty of Rs 11,000 has also been imposed on the contractor. He has deposited the said amount with us. The fine paid by lawyers to get their impounded vehicles released is being refunded from the said amount,” Puneet Punia, the general secretary of the District Bar Association, confirmed to The Tribune.

Questioned whether the lawyers were above the law, Punia replied that the members of the association were educated and law-abiding citizens, while the contractor was found to be at fault.

“The Bar members have also been cautioned against parking their vehicles in no-parking zones,” he added.

On being contacted for his comments, Rohtak SP Rahul Sharma stated that the compromise reached between the District Bar Association and the parking contractor was not in his notice.

“We have no information about the matter, nor have we received any complaint from the contractor about his crane being impounded illegally. Appropriate action will be taken as and when a complaint is received,” he stated.

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