South Fayette, Scott area real estate transactions for the week of Oct. 25


Daniel Mullen sold property at 1571 Critchfield Drive to Scott Andrew and Ashley Hamilton for $267,500.


Kyle McIvor sold property at 559 Boquet St. to Laura Young for $157,000.


Donna Kazan Weaver sold property at 2 Sixth St. to David Matthew Yurchak and Jennifer Wischmann for $161,000.

Cortez Lequon Allen sold property at 400 Jonquil Ln to Nickolas and Cheri Ionadi for $437,000.

Eugene Pocci sold property at 735 Marigold Ct to Gregory and Donna Zeis for $420,000.

Gene David Czambel sold property at Thoms Run Road to Marissa Stakeley for $1,500.

Green Tree

Donna Perry sold property at 108 Parkedge Road to Brenden and Danielle Crespo for $184,500.

Estate of Cheryl A Isoda Chiaramonte sold property at 119 Reed Drive to Moni Kumar and Dhan Siwa for $165,000.

Pennsbury Village

Mary Lou Tague sold property at 707 Pennsbury Blvd. to Christopher Neill Jr. and Marissa Matts for $110,000.

Lisa Anthony sold property at 713 Pennsbury Blvd. to Gretchen Kiernan for $126,000.


Kim Ann Marucci sold property at 108 Frances Drive to UCG Forty Six LLC for $160,000.

Martin Budda Jr. sold property at 30 Sterling Drive to Alina Holdings 2 LLC for $220,000.

Raymond Mantia sold property at 561 Thorncliffe Drive to Edwin Ohm for $222,500.

Joseph Federoff sold property at 617 Woodcrest Drive to Arthur Goldberg for $230,000.

Rosslyn Farms

Estate of Betty Jane Tamilia sold property at 408 Kings Highway to Carl and Kelly Frankovitch for $515,000.

Robert Nixon sold property at 420 Kings Highway to Nicholas Richard and Jamie Lynn Till for $550,000.


Michael Mihalsky sold property at 517 Carothers Ave. to RAA Real Estate LLC for $45,650.

Estate of David Celio sold property at 570 E Main St. to Howard Kastle Jr. for $15,000.

Estate of TamaraSarah Robinson Fivehouse sold property at 2120 Greentree Road Apt 505E to Budster Kato P LLC for $125,500.

Gary Salerno sold property at 102-106 High St. to Luke Wagner and Tia Copetas for $145,000.

Dale Seth sold property at 717 Robin Drive to Kenneth and Christine Pontiff for $306,000.

South Fayette

Brian Harrigan sold property at 8571 Christine Ct to Michael David and Gwynne Ryan Eatmon for $575,000.

William Newcomer sold property at 5210 Forest View Drive to Kristopher Baier and Luz Nanette Rica for $360,000.

Cara Michelle Colavita sold property at 1212 Gneiss Drive to Rajendhra Jasthi and Lavanya Marneni for $220,000.

Kevin Willis sold property at 468 Hickory Grade Road to Matthew and Alicia Poling for $339,900.

Alice Bartrug sold property at 8024 Saddlewood Drive to Patrick and Jaclyn McPherson for $374,000.

Upper St. Clair

Matthew Thomas Banbury sold property at 2351 Berkshire Drive to Benjamin and Hillary Rumburg for $389,000.

Ryan Hart sold property at 3329 Comanche Road to Gilbert Judd Williams trustee and Anne Bonaparte trustee for $316,475.

Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC sold property at 127 Fair Acres Drive to Sunil and Padmaja Parchuri for $800,500.

Joel Warshaw sold property at 120 Fieldgate Drive to James Cox for $720,000.

Estate of Betty Ruth Eckstrom sold property at 200 Kent Drive to Modern Edge Ventures LLC for $250,000.

Xiang Gao sold property at 2453 Kings Ln to Jason and Susan Goble for $270,000.

Louis Zemanski trustee sold property at 2695 Locust Drive to Richard Scalise III for $279,900.

Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC sold property at 228 Lucca Ln to Wayne Gallo for $167,000.

Thomas Jay Lesnett sold property at 231 Old Lesnett Road to Michael Lukens and Taylor Leipchack for $425,000.

Gregory Kappers sold property at 2597 Siesta Drive to Heidi Myer for $265,000.

Robert Scott Baker sold property at 1488 Zenith Drive to Abichandra and Chandra Chapagai for $640,000.

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