Super Auto Pets Ftp Tier List

Super Auto Pets Ftp Tier List. Tiger leopard is good, but is super late game tech. Make your own super auto pets tierlist here:


As we told you earlier, the s tier in this super auto pets tier list features the best characters of the game. Pets are the player's units in super auto pets. 🎲 tier 1 available on turn 1.

Family And Friends Can Join The Fun Combat In The Comfort Of Your Home.

The sloth is the only rarely seen animal added to super auto pets as of right now. This guide is up to date as of version 010 of the games release. 2 attack, 3 health | lvl 1:

Knowing What To Buy, What To Sell, What To Reroll, Etc, Are All Key Factors In Winning.

This is a list of available pets at tier 1, and which packs they are available in. 3 attack, 3 health | lvl 1: S tier in super auto pets.

One Strong Combination Of Super Auto Pets Is A Sheep Equipped With Honey Followed By A Whale And, Eventually, A Shark.

⚔️ 2 / 💖 2. Super auto pets features two modes: These pets will help you win games quite effortlessly, and you will find this when you start using them in the game.

Each Type Of Pet Has A Unique Ability, Base Health, And Base Attack.

Merged with other pets of the same type to gain. Super auto pets is a game where early advantages can lead to a snowball effect, so players should invest in the best early game pets when possible. Super auto pets is a game that's simple to pick up but relies on heavy game knowledge to get to 10 wins;

🎲 Tier 1 Available On Turn 1.

It is such a fun unit though. Hedgehog is s tier on the fun list, but the builds are a little to janky and roll dependent to be consistently effective. 📚 super auto pets list.

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