How I Save: The 31-year-old who just bought her first house

Annie has just bought a house, but needs to save more money to make some changes to her home (Picture:

Most of the people we speak to for our weekly money series, How I Save, are trying to save up cash for a house deposit.

But what happens once you’ve achieved the goal of getting on the property ladder?

That’s the situation this week’s saver, Annie*, finds herself in.

Having done the hard work of buying a home in South Wales, the content writer has had to get back into the savings habit in order to fund changes to the house.

We asked her to share her approach to saving, then got her to track her spending for a week.

How Annie saves:

I earn £23,000 a year and in my savings account right now I have £1,915.

I’ve started putting £300 a month from my paycheck into savings

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