This Amazon Tiny House Is the Dreamy Backyard Escape You’ve Been Craving This Year


Whether you’re surrounded by snow-covered mountains, tranquil waterside views, or just a few pretty trees in your backyard, a tiny house from Amazon is a great way to appreciate the natural beauty in your area — and one model in particular lets in more of that beauty than the rest.

With floor-to-ceiling windows that exquisitely frame the great outdoors, this Allwood tiny house kit from Amazon makes for a dreamy backyard escape. The versatile two-room home, dubbed the Palma 3, features massive windows on both ends, providing incredible views no matter where you’re situated inside. At under $10,000, it’s no wonder the structure is currently Amazon’s best-selling tiny house overall.


Buy It! Allwood Palm 3 Tiny House Kit, $9,695;

The 176-square-foot house can be set up almost anywhere to function as a studio, guest house, or additional living space. Its simple design means it’s a blank canvas

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Backyard homes from Abodu sprout in San Jose

SAN JOSE — A Bay Area company on Monday installed a prefabricated home in the backyard of a San Jose residence Monday, the first of two installations in that city this week in a push to help ease the region’s housing crisis.

Redwood City-based Abodu has fashioned prefabricated homes with a starting price of $189,000, offering a turnaround time of as little as 12 weeks to complete and install in the backyards of San Jose residences, the manufactured housing company said.

“San Jose homeowners are looking for fast and easy solutions to add livable space to their property,” said John Geary, chief executive officer with Adodu.

The shortest turnaround time of 12 weeks is available only in San Jose. That’s due to San Jose’s brisk planning process for backyard units, Abodu said. Turnarounds are longer in other Bay Area cities, according to Abodu.

“This is a game-changer,” state Assemblymember Ash

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Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Give a Tour of the Mini Home in Their Montauk Backyard

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Give a Tour of the Mini Home in Their Montauk Backyard

Nate and Jeremiah show off their designs in their Montauk home

Last month, Jeremiah Brent gave PEOPLE the scoop on the mini home he and his husband, Nate Berkus, designed and built in the backyard of their beach house in Montauk, New York. Now, the creative couple is giving PEOPLE readers an exclusive tour inside the completed casita.

“So this is our little cottage that we made in Montauk,” Berkus, 49, begins in the video, shared by the designers, above. He notes that it’s been a quarantine project for the pair, who have been splitting their time between the beach and their townhouse in Manhattan with their two kids, daughter Poppy, 5, and son Oskar, 2.

“We wanted to create a space where we could have hopefully friends and family eventually,” Brent, 35, continued,

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There’s a housing crisis, and Abodu wants to solve it fast with quality backyard homes

Housing prices have soared in many markets across the United States over the past decades as populations have grown, square footage has increased, and new unit construction has languished. Houses that were once tens of thousands of dollars have transformed due to zoning restrictions into million-dollar manses, leaving millions without affordable housing.

Few regions have been as hard hit by housing prices as the Bay Area, where the median price for an existing home last year averaged just shy of $1 million. For John Geary, who grew up in Cupertino and whose father is a single-family home real estate developer, “I’ve seen the just under-building of housing occur my entire life here.”

He eventually linked up with Eric McInerney when the two worked at Bain, and the two quickly became friends, living together in Chicago. Both were housing nerds and talked about the housing crisis regularly, and eventually, they started

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