Ar Hud Abu Bakar celebrates the joy of the outdoors through his home

Nestled in the quiet slopes of Damansara is a home of concrete and timber, generously fringed with verdant foliage. Seemingly closed off from the rest of the world, is a hillside haven belonging to Ar Hud Abu Bakar, principal of RSP Architects. The structure has been home to his family (and three cats) for the last six years.

“I used to live in Kota Damansara in a slightly bigger house, but I thought I wanted something simpler like an apartment. As you get older, you want a smaller, simpler home,” he admits.

Despite Hud’s desire for simplicity, arguing “the land is not that big,” he confesses the result is a little larger than preferred. Using the unusual topography to his advantage, in which the terrain is higher in the front yard and lower at the back, Hud exploits the steep incline to create a waterfall from textured split stones. The

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