Site plan for The Neighborhood at Bowie Park development proposed for Fairview. (Photo: Ragan Smith / City of Fairview)

A proposed Fairview residential development neighboring the city’s largest park with plans that include more than 180 homes on nearly 125 acres passed a first vote this month. 

The Neighborhood at Bowie Park development was approved by the Fairview Planning Commission at its Nov. 10 meeting. 

The zoning and preliminary plan will be heard and voted on in two meetings of the city’s board of commissioners.  

Fairview City Manager Scott Collins said if the commission approves the site plan and subdivision plat, the development then goes back to the planning commission for approval, possibly in January.

The site, owned by Charles Groves, is located north of the over 700-acre park, which includes forest, lakes and trails. 

Dan Allen, of Davis Drive investments that’s developing The Neighborhood at Bowie Park, told