I’m Tired of Broken Smart Homes

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While smart homes can be pretty convenient, they also require a certain type of never-ending vigilance. Specifically, you have to keep up with which companies support what platforms, and if any mergers or acquisitions have royally screwed your entire setup. Then, you have to decide whether you’re going to go through the hassle of figuring out an alternative way to keep everything you have working the way it was, or if it’s just easier to reinvest entirely in another platform.

Case in point: Google buying Nest. While that $3.2 billion acquisition happened six long years ago, in the before times of 2014, Nest founder Tony Fadell promised that nothing about the day-to-day operation of Nest would change. And for five years, that was mostly true. Then at last year’s Google I/O, Google killed Nest as everybody knew it, rebranding it Google Nest and announcing

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Why This Investor Is Focusing on ‘Broken Condo Units’

Granite Realty Partners has completed fundraising for an investment vehicle that will de-covert condominiums. The company’s strategy is to purchase what it calls “broken condo units,” and convert the property from condominium complex into an apartment building.

Granite has already been busy purchasing qualifying condo units. The company currently owns 1,500 units in Illinois and Florida, and it has already completed the condo de-conversion business plan in four properties. Plus, Granite has a current pipeline of four projects totaling more than 1,200 units. These properties are well located but have not been successful as condo projects due to timing or home buying market conditions.

There has been past investor interest in what has been called fractured condo properties. Following the Financial Crisis in 2008, many condo projects were forced into apartment structures when the units didn’t sell. In some cases, a portion of the units had sold, while others were

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COVID Christmas gatherings ‘can’t be broken up by police’

Police who attempt to break up family Christmas gatherings that break coronavirus lockdown restrictions have no power to do so, a legal expert has stated.

With many parts of England now under tiered restrictions that ban separate households from mixing indoors, West Midlands police and crime commissioner David Jamieson said officers would investigate reports of rule-breaking over the festive period.

He told The Telegraph: “If we think there’s large groups of people gathering where they shouldn’t be, then police will have to intervene.

“If, again, there’s flagrant breaking of the rules, then the police would have to enforce.”

However, human rights lawyer Adam Wagner dismissed the warning, saying police “have no

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How To Find Bad Credit, No Credit, or Broken Lease Apartments In Louisville KY

Are you hunting for an apartment in Louisville but have been repeatedly denied because of your credit or rental history? This is more common that you realize and numerous and individuals are reporting that acute frustration especially when it comes to locating an apartment in this city known for its warmth, hospitality and world-class performing arts. The frustration results from a routine procedure by area apartments to conduct credit and rental history checks on most applicants. If you have prior issues with your credit or have had a broken lease in your history, there is a high chance that you will be denied a decent apartment in Louisville. The key to overcoming this therefore lies in your being able to successfully locate apartments that either, do not conduct credit checks, or those that are lenient towards applicants who have previous issues.

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Finding Places to Rent an Apartment in Chicago With Bad Credit, a Broken Lease Or a Criminal Felony

Chicago is the third largest metropolitan in the United States and as such attracts thousands of people each day. The city is also a formidable financial center making it a magnet for people seeking economic and career opportunities. Chicago has many different apartments which are excellent for any purpose and for any family size. If you are shopping for an apartment rental in Chicago, it is best to be armed with the necessary information required. One of these is to know your credit score because Chicago apartments will conduct credit and rental history checks not to mention criminal background checks as well. So where can one rent an apartment in Chicago if they have a prior broken lease, less-than-adequate credit or a criminal record?

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Looking For an Apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin That Approves With Bad Credit Or a Broken Lease?

Milwaukee is a large city with a strong cultural backbone. This attractive city in Wisconsin has been a center of business and culture for decades, giving such notables as Milwaukee beer and much more. The city teems with new life in the form of colleges and recently opened businesses. This naturally attracts visitors and immigrants from other states not to mention other smaller cities within Wisconsin. Area apartments therefore are in hot demand. One standard procedure when applying to lease an apartment in Milwaukee is that you have to have credit that is acceptable. If you have bad credit or your rental history involves a broken lease, there is a high probability you will get denied. But this should not discourage you. There are some apartments within the metropolis that can work with applicants whose credit is damaged.

  • Arlington Heights
  • Franklin Heights
  • Harambee
  • Metcalfe Park and more…
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    Places in Phoenix to Rent an Apartment With a Broken Lease, Bad Credit Or Felony

    Phoenix Arizona is one of the cities that has some of the richest history in the United States. It was home to some of the earliest settling communities and also was home to one of the oldest Indian tribes in the entire North America. Today, the city is a sprawling metropolis that boasts the 6th largest US city population. It is headquarters to numerous important firms and is also an academic and cultural center. Phoenix is therefore a great place to live not to mention the hospitable climate. There are numerous apartments here that offer great amenities that are geared towards any housing needs. Many of these apartments also require good credit, a reasonable rental history and also agreeable criminal history.

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    Finding an Apartment in Boston Which Approves With Bad Credit Or a Broken Lease

    Boston is notably the academic center of the United States with many renowned universities. It is also a port, a manufacturing and cultural hub with millions of people converging here either for school, or employment or simply retirements. New workers arrive here daily and as such there is a demand for the many different apartments rental units that are available in places such as Brighton, Hyde Park, East Boston, West End and West Roxbury. Renting an apartment in Boston and its many neighborhoods sometimes requires good credit. This is because it is now standard procedure for the rental units to check credit and rental history to unearth financial well-being and to check for broken leases.

    How to rent an apartment in Boston that approves even with broken lease or bad credit

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    What to Expect if You Have a Broken Lease With an Apartment

    I have a broken lease!

    The vast majority of apartments will not work with you if you owe another rental property money or break a rental lease. The properties that will work with you have different qualifying criteria. Almost without exception the property will want to know you have re-established your rental history. A few of them will want extra deposits and it's usually dependent on how much you owe the property you broke your lease at. Apartments can go back to the beginning of time when verifying rental history. Even owing a property 10 years ago can easily get you denied.

    I have a broken lease out of state!

    Once a broken lease is reported to the credit bureau it will show up no matter where you are. If you owe a property money most of them will not work with you. In effect a broken lease out of … Read More

    Finding an Apartment to Rent in Austin With a Broken Lease, Bad Credit Or Bankruptcy

    Austin, the state capital of Texas, is a modest yet high-tech town which combines a serene life with some of the biggest names in technology and academia. The University of Texas in Austin has a looming presence and continues to attract thousands of young ambitious people from not only all over the US but the world. Austin also has some of the best apartment rental units one can ever find in Texas. But renting an apartment in Austin involves getting acquainted with the rental process. This is because most prospective tenants can expect a background checks which involves rental history and court records. Rental background checks are designed to unearth prior broken leases while court analysis reveals if the applicant has had a bankruptcy. But where can one rent an apartment in Austin if they have a broken lease or have filed Chapter 11 or 13?

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