If I’d been burgled, who would have been liable?

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Me and my partner rent a two bedroom flat in London. Every six months the estate agent does a property inspection to ensure there is no damage to the home.

We were told no one needs to be at the property when the inspection is made as they have keys and will let themselves in and lock up. Therefore, we both went to work as normal.

When I came back, I found our flat door wide open. Fortunately, nothing was taken and it didn’t look like anyone had been in but it had been open for six hours.

I told the agent who was very apologetic but I want to know what who would be liable if something had been taken or broken? I have home insurance but surely the agent would be at fault?

a double door in a room: The flat door was left open to a tenant's property for hours after they conducted an inspection (stock image)

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