Families occupying Caltrans-owned homes in Southern California forcibly removed by CHP

More than a dozen families and individuals who occupied several El Sereno homes owned by Caltrans, the state transportation agency, were forcibly removed as part of an operation conducted by the California Highway Patrol that spanned from Wednesday and into the Thanksgiving weekend.

CHP officers faced off with activists who came out in the last three days to support several families who moved into 20 vacant homes along Sheffield Avenue, Lowell Avenue and several other streets.

The families, part of a group called Reclaim and Rebuild Our Community, moved into the homes on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and were soon met by highway patrol officers who were deployed at the request of Caltrans officials.

Activists turned out in large numbers in an attempt to block CHP officers at various homes that were being occupied.

Several videos posted on various social media sites from the standoff between dozens of

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