Productive Avocado Orchard With Immediate Expansion Capacity Placed On The Market For Sale

A productive avocado orchard in the heart of
Whangarei’s foremost avocado growing district has been
placed on the market for sale – with capacity to increase
its production scale by 20 percent.

The 14-hectare
property at Poroti on the western outskirts of Whangarei
sits in a volcanic soil valley which was once a dairy and
beef farming strong-hold, but is now Northland’s most
concentrated conglomeration of avocado orchards due to the
location’s deep fertile volcanic soil base. It is
surrounded by neighbouring properties also planted in
commercial-scale avocado orchards.

The L-shaped
orchard for sale at 232 Simons Road features 12 sheltered
gently sloping contoured blocks planted with 1060 Hass on
Zutano varietal avocado trees planted in 2004 in a
north/south orientation.

Production records from the
orchard over the past four seasons showing the orchard has
harvested between 9,495 trays and 15,584

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