Andrei Castravet got a job? 90 Day Fiance villain holds a real estate licensee in Florida

Andrei’s employment status has always been under scrutiny. Pic Credit: TLC

One of 90 Day Fiance fans’ favorite villains might be the new breadwinner of the family.

Maybe not – but at least now Andrei Castravet has one less thing to argue about with his wife Libby’s family.

One of her family’s favorite things to argue about with Andrei is his choice to be a stay at home dad. Her sister Becky goes as far as calling Andrei, ‘a professional beggar.’

This choice forces Libby into the breadwinner position to support her little family. It’s safe to say this doesn’t make her father happy.

Even Andrei’s friends were shocked to hear that Andrei was sitting at home when he previously was someone very hardworking in Moldova.

Andrei Castravet’s employment has always been of interest

From his previous profession as a police

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