Santa, barred from malls and chimneys, enters homes via interactive video

(Reuters) – Santa cannot sit with kids in shopping malls this year, but they can still tell him their Christmas wishlist in a video chat at home.

Technology company Storyfile has come up with an artificial intelligence alternative to the holiday tradition: an interactive website where Father Christmas answers questions as if in person.

“The database has about 180, 200 questions so they can ask him quite a lot,” said Storyfile Chief Executive Heather Smith. “The No. 1 question so far is ‘Am I on the naughty or nice list?’, of course.”

Storyfile usually records interviews on camera with notable people such as scientists, astronauts, civil rights icons and Holocaust survivors. The answers are then prompted by voice activation on an app to give an almost seamless interaction with the subject.

Storyfile staff tested the app on children before launching, which is live until New Year’s Eve.

“The kids

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