130 Dogs and Cats Flown from Crowded Shelters and Life on the Streets into Forever Homes

Alexandra Lloyd Courtesy of The Sato Project

Planes, trains, and automobiles! There are plenty of ways to travel and just as many ways to meet the perfect adoptable pet.

For 130 cats and dogs from Puerto Rico, a plane proved to be the perfect mode of transportation to get from living alone to the warm, loving home of a forever family.

The Sato Project collaborated with Wings of Rescue and Greater Good Charities to charter a plane for the dozens of adoptable pets — who were living in overcrowded shelters or on the street before boarding — and flew them from Puerto Rico to New Jersey, where many of the animals were greeted on the ground by their new families.

The cats and dogs who made the flight, but did not match with a potential adopter before they took off, are available for adoption at Humane Pennsylvania, Broward County Humane,

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Home prices are held down by COVID-19 in big cities while climbing sharply in less crowded areas

The housing market has been booming during the COVID-19 crisis, but America’s cities are taking it on the chin.


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And while big cities like New York and San Francisco, in particular, are struggling with falling prices, values in less densely populated cities such as Phoenix and Charlotte, North Carolina, are holding up fairly well, a new analysis shows.

The study underscores that the spread of the virus and the trend toward remote work are driving the housing market, and may continue to restrain price growth in very crowded urban areas while boosting gains in more suburban areas for some time.

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Since the virus began to take a significant toll on public health and the economy in March, many Americans have been fleeing cities for suburban and rural areas both to minimize the risk

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