Harold “Buck” Rogers of Casa Grande tested positive for COVID-19 after moving into a rehabilitation center in Mesa earlier this year. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

The phone rang and Harold “Buck” Rogers’ girlfriend was shouting: The ambulance is on the way!

“The lady he was with called us in total panic,” said Buck’s son-in-law, Mike Edgett.

To Mike and his wife, Debbie, nothing made sense. Dad was in great shape, and had just left his RV campground in Casa Grande for a date. How could he be on his way to a hospital? 

Quickly, they realized what was more dire: The world was in the middle of a pandemic. An emergency room filled with sick people was the last place any 92-year-old should be.

It was April 16. Arizona had 4,234 confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to Arizona Department of Health Services data. Statewide, 150 people had died.

People 65 and older