Which documents are best to add a relative to the deed of my home?

Q: I am getting on in years and want to leave my home to a relative when I pass. I know I can do this in my will, but I think it might be easier to add him to the deed. I looked online, and there are so many options. What type of document should I use? — Andrea

a hammer on top of a wooden table: Estate planning is all about knowing which forms to use and how to use them for the particular outcome being sought.

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Estate planning is all about knowing which forms to use and how to use them for the particular outcome being sought.

A: Having a proper estate plan for when you pass is one of the greatest favors a person can do for the loved ones you leave behind. People who are grieving should be spared the intricacies of legal matters.


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Legal documents, such as will and deeds, seem deceptively simple, especially on the internet where countless sites want to sell you do-it-yourself forms. As a practicing attorney,

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Troubled Southridge Mall will be given to its lender through a deed in lieu of foreclosure, report says

Southridge Mall’s ownership will be transferred to its lender through a deed in lieu of foreclosure, according to a new report — following an earlier report forecasting the same fate for the financially troubled property.

a group of people standing in front of a store: Round 1 and Dick's Sporting Goods are among the new tenants in Southridge Mall's redeveloped former Sears store.

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Round 1 and Dick’s Sporting Goods are among the new tenants in Southridge Mall’s redeveloped former Sears store.

Simon Property Group Inc., which operates Southridge, recently disclosed plans for a  “friendly foreclosure” for the Greendale mall and two other malls outside Wisconsin.


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That’s according to a report from New York-based Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

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The financial performance of Southridge and the other malls has deteriorated significantly since Simon used the properties as collateral for the loans, the report said.

It also said Southridge has a 73% “in-line” occupancy rate.

“An in-line occupancy rate below 75% represented our

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My father wants to deed his kids his home before Prop 19 takes effect. I suggested a life estate instead. He said I’m ungrateful

I have been a faithful reader of your column for many years, and it has shaped how I think about relationships, property, and finances as I begin to navigate the financial world as a young adult in her mid-twenties. Though I thought it would be a decade or two before having to confront any of these issues myself, I find myself in need of advice now.

California just passed Proposition 19, which will, in part, require that inherited homes that are not used as principal residences, such as second homes or rentals, be reassessed at market value when transferred.

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My father has recently inherited just such a home from his parents’ estate and, in an attempt to circumvent this new law, would like to immediately pass it onto

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Former John Lennon house fetches $36 million in Palm Beach, deed says

John and Cindy Sites sold their home to a land trust. The mansion was bought in 1980 by former Beatle Lennon and wife Yoko Ono, who after her husband’s death renovated and sold it.

Darrell Hofheinz
 |  Palm Beach Daily News

One of Palm Beach’s most famous oceanfront mansions — the house the late John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono bought 1980, the same year the singer was murdered in New York City — has sold for a recorded $36.08 million.

Ono later carried out a renovation and sold the landmarked property at 720 S. Ocean Blvd. six years after her husband’s death.

Know as El Solano, the house last changed hands for a  recorded $20.5 million in January 2016, when it was bought by Cindy and John C. Sites Jr.. In that deal, the Siteses shared majority ownership with the trustee of the Sites 2010 Family Trust, property records

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My husband bought a property in Florida, but only put his name on the deed. Will his adult children inherit this home?

Dear Moneyist,

My husband and I have been married for 25 years. We do not have children together but he has children from a previous marriage.

We are retired now, and he bought property in Florida for us to live in. My name is not on the deed of the property, and he has not made a will yet. I keep complaining to him about it.

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If he should die without a will, will his adult children and grandchildren be entitled to the property and house? Hopefully, you will be able to answer this question and set my mind at ease.


Dear Carla,

Your husband appears to have control issues at worst or, at best, problems with being direct and transparent. This is not the

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