Elderly people in Abbeyfield homes ‘have been denied’ a test for Covid because of technicality

More than 200 very high-risk elderly people living in Northern Ireland, and the staff who care for them, have never been tested for Covid, it can be revealed.

he pensioners, all in their 80s and 90s, have gone nine months without testing because of a technicality which means they are not designated as living in a care home.

Although they are all frail and vulnerable, and some are in the early stages of dementia, they are classified as living in ‘supported housing’ because they wash and dress themselves and their medical needs are provided by outside domiciliary carers coming into the properties.

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Can home modifications be denied based on HOA harmony rules?

Editor’s note: Attorneys at Goede, Adamczyk, DeBoest & Cross, PLLC respond to questions about Florida community association law. The firm represents community associations throughout Florida and focuses on condominium and homeowner association law, real estate law, civil litigation, estate planning and commercial transactions.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Documents about Homeowners Association HOA on a desk.

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Documents about Homeowners Association HOA on a desk.

Q: I am on the Architectural Review Committee of our homeowners association, and we just received a few applications for additions to homes. I assume this is because people are spending more time at home due to COVID-19 and want more space. If the additions are approved and constructed, these select homes would look very different from the rest of the community. Can we deny these applications on this basis?


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— L.C., Treasure Coast

A: The answer is maybe, but ultimately the question can only be answered by reviewing your governing documents and

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Tax relief denied for delinquent, vacant trailers

After much discussion, Council denied a request to write-off property taxes and related penalties on two derelict mobile homes within the Hillcrest Mobile Home Park.

The total outstanding amount owing on both properties added up to $7,021.45. At the Nov. 3 regular council meeting, administration recommended writing off the amount of $5,149 that is outstanding beyond three years.

This would leave only three years outstanding taxation and penalties owing, which the mobile park would have been required to cover.

Instead, council directed administration to bring back a report regarding taxation of mobile home park property and residences before the end of June 2021.

“It needs to get dealt with in some way so there’s something that guides administration for how to deal with this when it continuously repeatedly keeps coming up. If there’s a bylaw that directs administration on what to do in this type of situation or perhaps there

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Parole bid denied for rapist who sneaked into Del Mar homes

A man who admitted breaking into Del Mar homes and sexually assaulting women in the mid-1990s lost his bid for parole Wednesday.

After a hearing to weigh his suitability for release, parole officials denied Robert Dean Rustad’s request, and said he should not be up for consideration again for another five years.

“Justice was served today because the panel saw through that this inmate was not truthful about his true motivation for these crimes,” Deputy District Attorney Richard Sachs said after the hearing.

Sachs said Rustad, now 46, has said his actions were driven by a desire for a girlfriend-type relationship.

“His motivation was clearly sadistic sexual pleasure, and his inability to accept that makes him an extreme threat to society,” Sachs said.

From 1993 to 1996, Rustad attacked seven women who were alone in their homes. Five were sexually assaulted, including two who were raped. Most were threatened at

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