Your Choice Of Commercial Real Estate May Determine Whether Your Investments Survive The Pandemic

Ari Rastegar is CEO of Rastegar Property Company, a vertically integrated real estate company with a focus on value-oriented real estate.

Just as the pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives, every asset class type has been affected by Covid-19. The commercial real estate market across America has fluctuated as the pandemic has continued to leave some asset classes on shaky ground. However, there are sectors that have been holding their own throughout the instability, and some that are even thriving.

Breaking Down The Landscape

Without a doubt, the hospitality industry has been drastically impacted by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown which have all but completely stalled travel. Even with states beginning to reopen, given the historically low levels of hotel occupancy, the writing may be on the wall for many hotels in large cities across the country.

In New York City alone, up to 25,000 rooms

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Landlords: How to Determine the Rental Amount for Your Property

I want to introduce several resources where a real estate investor or property owner can determine what rent you can charge for your investment property. The three most popular websites available for this purpose are,, and Craig's List .

Zillow is the most popular and respected so we will start there. Go to and put in the address of your property and then click "search". Click on the word "rent" or "Zestimate", both will give you rent estimates. The word Zestimate (rent estimate by Zillow) should pop up with the rental amount and the range Zillow thinks the property may rent for.

We know Zillow is not perfect. Zillow uses computer models and they are basing their rent Zestimate upon averages in the area that have similar characteristics of your property, ie square footage, similar number of beds, bathrooms, etc. Again, no computer model will be perfect … Read More