PITCH DECK: Giraffe360 raises $4.5m to disrupt real estate photos

  • Giraffe360 wants to disrupt real estate photography.
  • The UK startup has created an easy-to-use camera agents can use to produce high-quality photos, a floor plan, and a virtual tour of a property.
  • CEO Mikus Opelts says the startup has seen an uptick in interesting during the pandemic, since its service also makes remote viewing easier.
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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way we buy and sell houses, with lockdowns and social distancing altering how and where potential buyers look at homes.

British startup Giraffe360 is tapping into that trend by making it easier for estate agents to digitize property listings. It offers a proprietary camera, which it pitches as an easy-to-use device that allows estate agents to produce high-quality photos, floor plans, and virtual tours without the need for an external photographer.

Photos are then automatically sent via 4G or WiFi to Giraffe360’s

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Social Capital Hedosophia Will Disrupt Real Estate In All The Right Ways

cardboard miniature house on table back-lit by sunlight through a window

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cardboard miniature house on table back-lit by sunlight through a window

With many special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) opportunities out there, why go with Social Capital Hedosophia (NYSE:IPOB)? It’s simple. Once IPOB stock acquires real estate disruptor Opendoor Labs, you can expect shares to take off.

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cardboard miniature house on table back-lit by sunlight through a window

How so? Well, Opendoor is an iBuyer. Using algorithms to make instant offers for homes, iBuyers address many common points of pain among home sellers. Simply put, this business model has big potential to disrupt the old-school residential real estate business.

As the buying and selling of homes moves online, iBuyers like Opendoor stand to win. The company has already scaled into a multi-billion-dollar business. And it’s still getting warmed up. Given the fact that it’s yet to expand nationwide, the runway remains

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Opendoor Looking To Disrupt the $20 Trillion Real Estate Market

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Chamath Palihapitiya is one of the top operators in Silicon Valley. He served as an early executive at Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and then went on to become a venture capitalist. One of his latest deals is the Opendoor IPO (Initial Public Offering).

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Yet this is not a typical IPO. The company is coming public via a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). This is where a shell company first raises money and then merges with an operating company. In the case of Opendoor, it is merging into Social Capital Hedosophia II (NYSE:IPOB).

Keep in mind that Palihapitiya is also one of the leaders of the SPAC industry. His deal for Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE) has sparked huge interest in this segment of finance.

The Opendoor IPO will include $414 million from the SPAC entity as

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