Finding a Home Is so Hard Right Now That Buyers Are Scouring Obituaries and Divorce Notices

No homes for sale in your area? Then just pick out a property and call up the owner. You could also check obituaries, dive into local property records or head to social media for potential homes to buy. At least that’s what many real estate pros are doing.

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“Creativity is key in this type of market,” says Adrienne Allen, head of real estate at homebuying platform Homie. “Go all out and never underestimate the power of something simple like a greeting card.”

Allen says her personalized greeting cards have been a successful way of reaching homeowners and convincing them to sell in today’s inventory-strapped market, which has just a 3.6-month supply of properties as of September. It’s the third-lowest level since the Census Bureau began tracking in 1963.

“With such little inventory, more and more people are looking to find homes that are not

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