Betty Johnson Cray’s newly released “Finding Joy…after Foreclosure” is a touching story of a dog who found her forever home after being abandoned

MEADVILLE, Pa., Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Finding Joy…after Foreclosure: The Unlikely Adoption of an Old Dalmatian”: a stirring narrative about Joy, a dog abandoned by her previous owners due to financial problems, who finally experiences love and care with her new family. “Finding Joy…after Foreclosure: The Unlikely Adoption of an Old Dalmatian” is the creation of published author Betty Johnson Cray, a dental professional, a hygienist licensed in Florida and Hawaii, and past editor of the Gulf Coast Dental Hygiene Association publication.

Cray shares, “Joy—an ironic name for a friendly senior dog that had partially lost her joy. She was the victim of the foreclosure market during the 2008 financial crisis recession when her family lost their home. So many pets were given up or disposed due to no fault of their own other than their owners being forced to make difficult decisions to survive.


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Florida man saves his dog from the jaws of an alligator; wildlife cam films the dramatic rescue

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Newly released footage shows a Florida man rescuing his dog from the grasp of an alligator, an unexpected moment captured on film by a project designed to monitor local wildlife.

An Estero man saves dog from alligator’s jaws, and his backyard camera caught it on film



The dramatic video shows the man jumping into waist-deep pond water after the alligator dragged the dog underwater. The man submerges his whole arm to bring the small dog to the surface, with the small alligator still latched on.

The dog yelps as the man struggles to free it from the gator’s grasp, loudly grunting from the strain. After about 12 seconds, the man succeeds in freeing his pet, and it scampers ashore.

The organization that captured the video says the man and his dog are OK.

The footage was shot as part of 

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First, ask if your dog is allowed in the condo you’re looking at. And then get the documents with the details

I’m a dog owner and looking to leave my house for a condo. How can I know that having dogs in my new condo won’t be a problem?

Considering that a 2019 poll conducted by pet services website reported that 95 per cent of Canadians consider pets family, it’s no surprise that meeting our pets’ needs heavily influences our real estate buying decisions.

The best way to know if a condominium that you’re considering allows pets is to ask. You should have your salesperson request a copy of the condominium status certificate, rules, by-laws and declaration of the condominium corporation, along with critical disclosure documents relating to both the corporation and building. This is typically done as a conditional clause in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. These documents are available from the condominium corporation’s office or property management company for a fee that is to not exceed $100.

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Amazon is having a sale on Embark dog DNA tests

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Embark tests for over 250 dog breeds including wolf, coyote and village dog ancestry. (Photo: Getty Images)

All pet parents can agree: We love our dogs more than most humans. While we may or may not know every single detail about our furry friends, Embark Dog DNA Test kit can help — and it’s on sale today!

According to the brand, this comprehensive test is the “most accurate and highest reviewed dog DNA kit on the market.” If you can get Fido to sit still long enough, you can test ancestry, breed, health and relatives with a cheek swab. And for one day only, the Embark Dog DNA Test is $135 (was $199) at Amazon.

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Almost 200 dogs rescued from South Korea dog meat farm land in US to find new homes

The dogs included golden retrievers, a poodle, Pomeranians, terriers and a Lab.

HSI’s U.S. team flew to Seoul, South

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Nearly 200 Dogs Rescued from South Korea’s Dog Meat Trade Arrive in U.S. in Need of New Homes

Jean Chung for HSI

Some 196 dogs have been rescued from the South Korean dog meat trade in a rescue mission executed by Humane Society International.

On Friday, those dogs — which includes golden retrievers, a poodle, Korean Jindos and Mastiffs, Pomeranians, terriers, and a Labrador — landed in the United States and are now in search of loving homes to take them in.

While they wait for their forever families, a majority of the pups will be cared for at a temporary shelter in Maryland run by Humane Society International and the Humane Society of the United States. The remaining dogs will be taken to a temporary shelter run by the Humane Society of Canada in Montreal.

RELATED: Missouri Rescuers Saves 11 Horses from ‘Dangerous’ Tractor-Trailer Crash that Killed 14 Animals

At both of these locations, the dogs will be evaluated and receive any veterinary treatment needed, before they

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Wanna go for a walk? Westminster dog show leaves NYC for ‘21

NEW YORK – The Westminster dog show is set to take a long walk.

The nation’s top pooch pageant will be held outdoors at an estate about 40 kilometres north of Manhattan on June 12-13 because of the pandemic, the Westminster Kennel Club said Wednesday.

The shift to the Lyndhurst site along the Hudson River in Tarrytown, N.Y., will mark the first time in more than 100 years that best in show at Westminster hasn’t been awarded at Madison Square Garden. In 1920, the top prize was presented at Grand Central Palace in New York.

Four different versions of the Garden have hosted Westminster since 1880 — the show began three years earlier. The show is typically held in February, around Valentine’s Day.

“The wide-open outdoor space at this extraordinary venue allows us to hold a dog show safely while following current social distancing guidelines and public health regulations,” WKC

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Dog rescuer Paul Schultz dies at 79; fostered and found homes for 118 greyhounds

An entire industry grew out of the dazzling propulsion of the greyhound.

They can hit speeds of 40 miles an hour, the fastest of any dog.

Paul Schultz fell in love with the breed, so like a cross between a Cheetah and a canine. He knew that after short bursts of high-speed energy, they like to curl up and sleep at the foot of someone they trust.

After adopting his greyhound Comet, he fostered 117 more, adopted eight of them, and helped find permanent homes for the rest.

He and his wife Toni “fostered more dogs than anyone I know,” said Barbara Karant, president of Greyhounds Only, one of the nation’s biggest greyhound adoption groups.

The Vernon Hills resident died last month at 79 after a series of strokes, according to his son Howard.

The Schultzes “were go-to for any dog who had a health problem, a behavioral issue, a

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Chubby Dog Farm Up for Sale as Family Beckons for Owners

It was just two months ago that we were talking with Chubby Dog Farm owners about how they were weathering the pandemic.

Their pork is on menus all over Dallas, the quality is wonderful and chefs like them — for the product and the two people who own and run it, Karyn and Calvin Medders.

Now, their farm is for sale.

The owners announced the news through Instagram Wednesday, saying they’re expecting their fourth grandchild and they’re looking to spend more time with family.

“We started the farm in 2013, and the kids started having grandchildren in late 2015, so we’ve only met the 3 girls 1-2 times each,” the post reads. “…Our farm has changed our lives, but we feel that we need to KNOW our grandchildren. With the 4th due in April, we felt the pull for a major life change. Our priorities have shifted.”

The farm has

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Selling a Brickell historic site for condos appears off. But it could be a dog park

When they put off voting on a lease for a small but significant early historic building in the Brickell neighborhood last month, Miami commissioners proposed selling the land for condo development — a move one elected official said could generate millions to relieve a budget crisis.


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But when two independent appraisals commissioned by city administrators concluded the lot is too small to be developed, Commissioner Joe Carollo, who came up with the sale idea, moved the goal posts.

With the support of two other commissioners, he persuaded the board in a hearing Thursday to again unanimously postpone a decision on a voter-approved lease extension for Dade Heritage Trust on the 115-year-old James M. Jackson office. The preservation group has occupied and maintained the city-owned property, built as a clinic by Miami’s first physician, for 44 years. The commission is now scheduled to consider the proposed 30-year renewable lease

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