The DOJ-NAR Lawsuit Is Good For Us All

Jay Thompson is a former brokerage owner who spent over six years working for Zillow Group. He retired in August 2018 but can’t seem to leave the real estate industry behind. His weekly Inman column publishes every Wednesday.

Another “bombshell” just dropped on the real estate industry.

Was it a thermonuclear detonation of proportions never seen before, or more like the firecracker that, as a kid, I put in anthills to “blow them up”? 

It depends on who you believe. 

Inman’s initial report, “DOJ sues NAR, alleges illegal restraints on Realtor competition,” outlines the issues at hand. What’s frustrating is the apparent fact that many who have leaped into discussions on this haven’t bothered to read past the headline or follow any embedded links for additional info and insight. There is a handy little “further reading” list at the end of this column. Please click those links, and

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