Donovan John Fisher, owner of Don’s Bakery in Elk River

Don Fisher spent most of his life going to work just as everyone else was going to bed.


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The longtime owner of Don’s Bakery in Elk River, Fisher was there in the small hours of the morning, mixing dough and firing up the ovens to make fresh bread and bismarcks, long Johns and ladyfingers for the rush of morning customers.

A busy guy who didn’t like to sit still, he spent his off hours working on vintage cars, taking the shell of a 1948 Mercury convertible and lovingly restoring it.

Then came the day in September when he was sitting in the living room watching TV, and his wife, Carol, sensed something was wrong.

“That’s just not Don,” she said. Feeling lightheaded, he uncharacteristically fell. A few days later, he fell again.

An ambulance brought Fisher to the emergency room. The medical staff first thought he was having

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