‘When all the parts come together it’s magic’: Condo developer and city offer refuge to Red Door shelter

For developer Chris Harhay his first memory of the old Red Door shelter plays back like a TV commercial.

He was a touring a property formerly owned by the United Church at Queen Street East and Logan Avenue in 2016 with an eye to building condos in what was then the Red Door’s quarters.

“A little kid comes out with a stuffed bear, and I looked around at the conditions of the shelter and they were less than favourable,” said Harhay. “It was in disrepair and it just pulled at your heart strings.”

He immediately thought: “I could build a great shelter for these people at less cost than the city. Here’s an opportunity to do something great.”

In the end, Harhay Developments built 122 condos above streetfront retail space.

But, in a rare confluence of civic flexibility, creativity and goodwill, a new Red Door shelter has also been incorporated

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The formula for how much home to buy, from ‘The Millionaire Next Door’

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  • For his book, “The Millionaire Next Door,” Thomas J. Stanely interviewed 500 millionaires and catalogued the financial lessons he learned from them.
  • He found that many of his interviewees owned homes that cost well below what they could technically afford. 
  • He suggests that anyone who wants to grow their wealth buy a home with a mortgage no more than twice their income to keep costs down.
  • In 2020, that’s not necessarily realistic in every market. However, the underlying principle of buying a home that’s less than you can afford hasn’t changed.
  • Policygenius can help you compare homeowner’s insurance policies to find the right coverage for you, at the right price
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Would my estate agent be liable for a burglarly after it left my flat door open?

My estate agent left my flat door open for six hours while I was out: If I’d been burgled, who would have been liable?

  • An estate agent accidentally left the flat door open after doing an inspection 
  • Luckily, nothing was taken and it was left as it was for 6 hours 
  • However, if something had been taken, would the estate agent be liable? 

Me and my partner rent a two bedroom flat in London. Every six months the estate agent does a property inspection to ensure there is no damage to the home.

We were told no one needs to be at the property when the inspection is made as they have keys and will let themselves in and lock up. Therefore, we both went to work as normal.

When I came

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Prime Day 2020 Deal: Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener for $17

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener deal 4x3

Amazon; Gilbert Espinoza/Business Insider

  • This Prime Day, the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener is on sale for $17 — 58% off its original price.
  • This handy smart device makes it easy to open your garage for personal use, but it also can be used for In-Garage Deliveries from Amazon. 
  • Prime members can get a $30 Amazon credit when they use the promo code “KEY30” on their first In-Garage Delivery. 
  • Although the $30 credit can only be used on future orders, it will essentially pay for the MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener nearly twice over.

Securely receiving packages when you’re home to answer the door is something everyone worries about, but if your home has a garage, there’s a solid solution — and it won’t cost you much at all this Prime Day.


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